The Tantric Experience at Tantric Desires Massage, Chesterfield

My name is Lana Cox, and I am a professional massuese that has mastered the art of tantric massage. Are you one of the lucky few people that have ever truly experienced a climax of pleasure that was so intense that you were left breathless and mesmerized? By using the art of Tantric Massage, I’m able to take your body to a level of euphoria that you have never experienced and will certainly want to have again.

“When life is full of stress we often find ourselves neglecting the finer things in life including, and perhaps most importantly, pleasure.”

At my tantric massage parlour in Chesterfield, Tantric Desires, your journey will start the moment I have you on my table. From the very first touch you will start feeling a sensation like no other with your pleasure receptors. During the massage you may have an emotional release as well as a pleasurable one.

“The body can become a vehicle to that which is beyond body, and sex energy can become a spiritual force.”


A First Hand Experience At Tantric Desires

While visiting my tantric massage studio, Tantric Desires, I had the pleasure of using my tantric techniques on this great customer. Receiving comments like this makes the years of training and honing my skills as a tantric massuase so worthwhile.

“I’m local to the Chesterfield area and I’ve always been incredibly tempted by a Tantric Massage. I’ve tried happy ending massages before but they’ve always felt so impersonal and I’d heard great things about Tantric Desires.

As I walked into the studio area of Tantric Desires, I immediately felt comfortable. There was a great vibe and a soothing aroma. My my mind at ease and my body felt relaxed as I lay down and prepared for my host Lana Cox to begin my tantric massage.

Her hands were soft and her accent alone took me to a place that I’d never been before. As she began to work her hands over my body, it felt like she was flicking switches of emotions and pleasure. I couldn’t comprehend how something as light as a finger tip on my body could stir such feelings.

For my experience I’d booked the longer session and the next time I’m in Chesterfield I will definitely be visiting Lana Cox at Tantric Desires for my next tantric massage. Thank you so much.”