While visiting my tantric massage studio, Tantric Desires, I had the pleasure of using my tantric techniques on this great customer. Receiving comments like this makes the years of training and honing my skills as a tantric massuase so worthwhile.

“I’m local to the Chesterfield area and I’ve always been incredibly tempted by a Tantric Massage. I’ve tried happy ending massages before but they’ve always felt so impersonal and I’d heard great things about Tantric Desires.

As I walked into the studio area of Tantric Desires, I immediately felt comfortable. There was a great vibe and a soothing aroma. My my mind at ease and my body felt relaxed as I lay down and prepared for my host Lana Cox to begin my tantric massage.

Her hands were soft and her accent alone took me to a place that I’d never been before. As she began to work her hands over my body, it felt like she was flicking switches of emotions and pleasure. I couldn’t comprehend how something as light as a finger tip on my body could stir such feelings.

For my experience I’d booked the longer session and the next time I’m in Chesterfield I will definitely be visiting Lana Cox at Tantric Desires for my next tantric massage. Thank you so much.”